Getting to know your Eyes

20 02 2010

Most of the time, I don’t take the time to take a close glimpse of the serene sunset from my backyard. I never took the time to actually notice how alive the world is within its tremendous colors and shapes. Today when I woke up I saw that the weather is nice outside so I decided to take a step out into my backyard for some fresh air.  All of a sudden I realized that the sun was setting and there was a chill in the air. I found the view very pleasing to my senses and mind. Therefore, I decided to take a picture and use it for my blog assignment.

There are many things in this picture to be noticed about, such as the trees, car garage surrounded by fence and also the car parked in the driveway. The texture of the trees look very much ridged and rough. Also, the trees don’t have any leaves on their branches, which make them appear very gloomy. The sky seems to be veiled with these branches, which makes the sky look very dull. However, the bottom layer of the sky depicts an orange color that comes from the horizon. The car garage shown in the picture is painted red and has graffiti on it in a black colored font. Interestingly, the car garage reminds me of a chicken coop located in the field of a barn. In short, this picture makes me realize how alive and dynamic the world truly is.

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2 responses to “Getting to know your Eyes”

21 02 2010
  lnaiman (00:29:41) :

I like how the sun is nearly set in this picture. The picture has the feeling of a cold, dark night beginning. I agree that the feeling is “gloomy.” The lack of leaves on the tree branches tell the viewer that it is probably fall or winter. The grafitti on the garage may reveal something about the neighborhood where this picture was captured.

21 02 2010
  penny (21:30:24) :

I don’t find the missing foliage gloomy. It seems as if the branches are reaching into the distance, or veins of the sky. the smaller branches fade off and create an almost 3D feel. I like this picture; I find myself going back to look at it again as I type.

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