Final Project Topics

24 02 2010

As of now, I am not sure what my research proposal is going to be about. But, I am very much interested in doing research on bullying that takes place in High Schools. Another area of sociological research that I find very interesting is in Divorce.

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3 responses to “Final Project Topics”

1 03 2010
  elydurey (16:33:38) :

I like this idea of bullying. I think it’s a very powerful topic since now bullying doesn’t even need to be in person. There is this thing going on called Cyberbullying and I’m sure you’ve heard of it. In case you haven’t heard it before cyberbullying is threatening people over the internet or even texts.

1 03 2010
  veronica10 (16:34:12) :

Great sociological topics. There’s a lot of research that have been done on both bullying and divorce so your lit review shouldn’t be a problem. What are some questions you will focus on; what causes bullying-does it start at home or something like the effects of bullying on the victims? You could also look at long-term and/or short-term causes or effects (like home life and upbringing to present peer groups for the causes of bullying). Divorce is another great topic and could be narrowed down by race and socioeconomic class and compare the findings. Specific questions can also be asked like “Do harsh economic times cause divorce?”

Good luck. I’m sure whichever you choose you’ll do great.

-Veronica P.

15 03 2010
  antonia (14:34:28) :

Great ideas. I would go for the bullying topic — and like the questions Elizabeth and Veronica recommended when it comes to that topic. What could be your sociological lens (e.g. gender, ethnicity etc)? Let’s keep talking about it!

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