Ethical Guidelines

24 03 2010

It is important that the process of taking pictures and publishing photographs is done in an ethical manner. Before taking a photograph, I will make sure that the person whom Im taking picture of understands what I want to illustrate and what the photos will be used for. I will get informed consent when taking photographs. I will also make sure that the individuals concerned have given permission for me to take the photograph and know what the photographs will be used for and where they may be published. In addition, I will make it clear that an individual can withdraw their consent at anytime.


15 03 2010

I am most likely going to stick with my topic on Bullying since I got very good feedback on it. As proposed by commentators on my Final Project Post, I will be analyzing bullying in depth and also will include related issues like cyberbullying. I will also talk about things like oneself having power over another. The power could be either social power and/or physical power. In additon, I will introduce different types of bullying that takes place in different kind of atmosphere.

Furthermore, I am planing to go to the High School that I went to and observe the students. In addition, I will also interview those students who are bullied as well as those who bully others. My research will  focus mainly on freshman students in High School.

Mini Fieldwork Experience

9 03 2010

In this assignment of the mini fieldwork, I assumed the role of a Dr. researcher and my partner Mohammad Haniff took the role of the participant. The topic that we chose to work on was on the quality of dining facilities on Queens College campus. I came up with few questions that I asked him while we took a walk around the cafeterias on campus. As, I was making up questions to ask Mohammed, I tried to keep them as simple and straight forward as possible. Firstly, we walked around the Kiely Hall and that is when I started asking Mohammed all kind of questions regarding the food provided at Queens College campus. I asked questions like, “What kind of food do you like?”, “What is your favorite spot to eat at, at the campus?” In addition, I asked Mohammad, several other important questions like whether or not the food tastes good and if it is affordable and healthy? While walking throughout the hallways in Kiely Hall, Mohammed showed me few vending machines. He told me that; he uses these machines to get snacks when he feels in the need to be.

Then we began walking toward the Q Café. The indoor sitting area of the Cafe was packed with patrons, students etc. The scene, basically, depicted the fact that most of the students do use the dining facilities on Queens College campus. Mohammed, personally, likes to get food from the Halal Stand, which is located outside the campus. It is because; First of all, the food itself tastes really good. Secondly, you do get enough amount of food for what you pay for. Therefore, it is worth spending money on. Mohammed does not think that food on the campus is affordable. He does admit that food provided on the campus, do not taste bad after all but is definitely not worth all of the money that you spend on it. Also, he thinks that even if there is healthy food available on campus, it is very expensive. Overall, the quality of the food on the campus is not so bad but the money needed to afford the food goes beyond a student’s budget. Last but not the least, Mohammed’s favorite spot to eat on the campus is by the fountains, right next to the library.

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