15 03 2010

I am most likely going to stick with my topic on Bullying since I got very good feedback on it. As proposed by commentators on my Final Project Post, I will be analyzing bullying in depth and also will include related issues like cyberbullying. I will also talk about things like oneself having power over another. The power could be either social power and/or physical power. In additon, I will introduce different types of bullying that takes place in different kind of atmosphere.

Furthermore, I am planing to go to the High School that I went to and observe the students. In addition, I will also interview those students who are bullied as well as those who bully others. My research will  focus mainly on freshman students in High School.

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5 responses to “Bullying”

17 03 2010
  nalicia21 (15:21:37) :

Nisha, this sounds like a great topic but how do you plan to obtain your information?

17 03 2010
  veronica10 (15:22:14) :

As far as your methods go, how will you go about analyzing it? Will you use interviews or participant observation? What age group will you be working with? How how will you operationalize your variables (i.e. what constitutes social/physical power?).
What is your hypothesis – what do you think your findings will be/what are you trying to prove?

5 04 2010
  Antonia (12:48:14) :

Great topic! I agree with Veronica’s questions — and would ask you to not work with high school students due to age restrictions (you should work with participants of age 18+ years). Could you imagine to work with college students instead? You could ask them about their past and present bullying experiences, and how their responses to bullying has changed over time. Thereby, you could compare responses by age and gender. What do you think?
What will be your visual component in this project? Please respond to our questions with another comment!

13 04 2010
  Nisha (23:29:08) :

Yes you are right professor, I would rather work with college students. Thank you. I will also keep in my mind to compare the given responses by age and gender. And as far as my visual component goes, I will definitely be using images. But I might also include a video as well, I am not sure though.

26 09 2013
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