Ethical Guidelines

24 03 2010

It is important that the process of taking pictures and publishing photographs is done in an ethical manner. Before taking a photograph, I will make sure that the person whom Im taking picture of understands what I want to illustrate and what the photos will be used for. I will get informed consent when taking photographs. I will also make sure that the individuals concerned have given permission for me to take the photograph and know what the photographs will be used for and where they may be published. In addition, I will make it clear that an individual can withdraw their consent at anytime.

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3 responses to “Ethical Guidelines”

25 03 2010
  veronica10 (18:54:59) :

I like that you will inform your participants of the project and how the photos will be used, but how will you gain this consent – written/oral? What kind of population will you be working with? Are there any special considerations you need to take?

Are photos the only means of data collection you will be using? Remember, consent needs to be obtained for other types or research as well (i.e. interviews, surveys, etc.).

5 04 2010
  Antonia (12:49:48) :

Again, I agree with Veronica’s questions. Part of your response should be thinking about what the visual component of your project will actually be — WHAT will you photograph?

5 04 2010
  Antonia (22:46:40) :

You are missing the entry on “Visual Exploration”. Please post asap.

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