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7 04 2010

Have you ever been bullied or bullied someone? If you were in the receiving end you would have known how it feels like, Bullying is a very negative act that is done by students mostly in High School that eventually creates a large problem in  our society today. From bullying you will never achieve anything good but you might get a mere happiness or overwhelming power over someone temporarily, which should not be enough of a motivation to mentally scared a person.

The picture clearly portraits how 1 out of 3 teens in the United States feel in school.  Violence and aggression is a common problem in our society now and one of the most common way children express their anger or frustration is through bullying.  Bullying can take place in the form of pushing someone around, taking their lunch money or even bringing guns or other lethal weapons in school to terrorize other peers. Aggressive bully-like behavior in school is most often caused by an “identifiable group of bullies who systematically victimize specific groups of their peers.”(Bartini). There are many causes for bullying which should be taken care of before bullying can be eliminated from our society. Parents should be aware about what their children actions, they should keep a eye on their activities either and they should always correct them when they are wrong.
This is the photo I took when I visited my old High School and to be honest I was not a bit surprised to see bullying still existed there; I have seen my peers being bullied around in their junior and senior years. Bullying will be present in our society until or unless any actions are taken about it. It’s in our behavior to be superior than others and we will go to any extent to be achieve that, people who bully other in High School tend to think about themselves to be superior but when they grow up and face reality they don’t know how to take a fall but on the other hand people have been bullied tend to be more mental strong.

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