26 04 2010

Some of the questions that I will be asking my participants are the following: –

1. How much of a problem do you think bullying is in your college?

2. Have you bullied somebody or been a victim of bullying when you were growing up?

3. How often did other students bully you by laying their hands on you (hitting, kicking, pushing or otherwise hurting the bodies of other students)?

4. What is the school/college’s role in this?

5. What are your views on cyber bullying? Have you ever been part of cyber bullying, directly or in-directly?

6. Did this have a psychological impact on your life? If it did then how did you deal with it?

7. Did you ever go to anybody for counseling? If yes, please specify.

8. In your opinion how do you think can bullying be prevented from happening?

9. Please circle- Male Female

10. Please circle- freshman sophomore junior senior

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