5 05 2010

While walking by the library in search for my participants I came across a couple of Queens’s college students sitting outside the library during free hour. I approached them and asked them if they had before their next class and if they were willing to exchange some thoughts on bullying. I started with asking them whether bullying is a problem at Queens College or not. Their response was that in their experience of 2-3 years in college they have not been victimized by bullying neither do they have been bullied another student. But they did tell me about their past experience in high school. According to them, bullying was more of a problem in high school but in college it wasn’t the same. They also mentioned even though they have not encountered bullying in their college life so far, that does not indicate that bullying does not exist in Queens College.

One of the guy said, he has seen a student been bullied in the Student Union building over an empty table. Two guys asked the guy who was sitting alone and drinking his coffee to leave right now or they would spill the coffee on him. He was sitting right across the table witnessing it and the guy who got bullied slowly picked up his belongings and left the table. The girl mentioned something interesting, which was that she usually gets cyber bullied by guys that she is not familiar with. She also added that due to the recent changes in technology people are fearless about cyber bullying due to the fact that there is a slim chance of knowing who they actually are. Following image is a good example of cyberbullying.

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