Final Project Topics

24 02 2010

As of now, I am not sure what my research proposal is going to be about. But, I am very much interested in doing research on bullying that takes place in High Schools. Another area of sociological research that I find very interesting is in Divorce.

Getting to know your Eyes

20 02 2010

Most of the time, I don’t take the time to take a close glimpse of the serene sunset from my backyard. I never took the time to actually notice how alive the world is within its tremendous colors and shapes. Today when I woke up I saw that the weather is nice outside so I decided to take a step out into my backyard for some fresh air.  All of a sudden I realized that the sun was setting and there was a chill in the air. I found the view very pleasing to my senses and mind. Therefore, I decided to take a picture and use it for my blog assignment.

There are many things in this picture to be noticed about, such as the trees, car garage surrounded by fence and also the car parked in the driveway. The texture of the trees look very much ridged and rough. Also, the trees don’t have any leaves on their branches, which make them appear very gloomy. The sky seems to be veiled with these branches, which makes the sky look very dull. However, the bottom layer of the sky depicts an orange color that comes from the horizon. The car garage shown in the picture is painted red and has graffiti on it in a black colored font. Interestingly, the car garage reminds me of a chicken coop located in the field of a barn. In short, this picture makes me realize how alive and dynamic the world truly is.

Introducing myself

17 02 2010

I am 19 years old. I am from India. I am a senior at Queens College. I am majoring in psychology and my minor is sociology. I love music, movies and photography. I love to laugh and be silly but also know when to be serious. I love bright colors and loads of sunshine. I am a very positive person and I enjoy the simple things in life. I believe that being happy is a state of mind, and I don’t think people should settle for less than they deserve. I always look toward the next best thing. I like seeing other people happy. When anybody is down, it breaks my heart. I try my best to cheer them up. As this picture illustrates, I play the guitar. Most of the time, I play guitar in my leisure time. But whenever I see someone, including my friends and family, sad or unhappy I try to comfort and support them by singing while playing the guitar and I also urge them to sing along me. In this picture I am at my best friend’s house and playing her favorite song on the guitar for her. Even though I consider myself to be not so good at playing guitar, my friends always encourage me to become a professional guitarist. They empower me to follow my desire in playing the guitar professionally, and the tips and advice they provide me with helps me to guide myself in the right direction.

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